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My name is Miljan Bajić. I'm a coach, trainer and consultant for Agile product development. I live and work in the Greater Portland area in Maine.

I help my clients improve their development processes by applying Agile values and principles to identify and eliminate waste and build high performing teams that focus on delivering value. My focus is on Agile adoption and organizational transformation. I provide my clients with Agile assessment, coaching, mentoring and training services.

Before my time in the Agile Software Development world, I studied Computer Information Systems and Communication at the Bryant University. I received my MBA in Project Management from the University of Southern New Hampshire. I'm a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) and a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM). I'm a member of the Maine Agile User Group and I'm an active member of the Scrum Alliance, and Agile Alliance. I currently serve as Director of Marketing of the local chapter of Project Management Institute (PMI).

I like social networking, and you can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

My passion, apart from my work and family, is traveling, photography, and soccer.


I prefer high-bandwidth communication.
I share information freely.
I communicate to enrich not to protect myself.


I challenge the status quo.
I try to expand my knowledge daily.
I take and give feedback happily.


I trust people that I work with.
I deliver trustful experiences.
I take pride in my work.


I create a lot of value.
I am aware of business goals and priorities.
I take ownership for my actions.

My Experience & Skills
With Agile Frameworks

Getting started is quick and easy. I try to keep everything as low risk and as easy as possible. I am willing to invest my time to earn your trust. The process starts with a quick phone call to determine how I can help. I like to follow this initial call with a face to face whiteboard session to learn more about your company and explore possible approaches in greater depth.





eXtreme Programming (XP)


Lean Startup


Values and Principles

Agile values, principles, and practices mark a dramatic departure from traditional/waterfall approaches. In fact, Scrum and other agile frameworks were inspired by its shortcomings. Agile emphasizes communication and collaboration, functioning software, and the flexibility to adapt to emerging business realities — all attributes that suffer in the rigidly ordered waterfall paradigm.

Scrum is like your mother-in-law, it points out ALL your faults.

Henrik Kniberg

It doesn't matter how good you are today; if you're not better next month, you're no longer agile.

Mike Cohn

The important thing is not your process. The important thing is your process for improving your process.

Henrik Kniberg

What I Do
My Capabilities

A typical relationship with my clients consist of three parts: Consulting, Training, and Coaching. A typical situation would be that my client wants to figure out if they could benefit from Agile Software Development. During the consultation, I analyse their situation and we might find out that they could do an Agile Pilot. I then do a training with the client e.g. in Kanban or Scrum. Afterwards I coach my client for the duration of the Agile Pilot.

Tactical & strategic assistance.

The agile journey is often unclear without a compass and getting agile to stick involves substantial organizational and cultural change.

Guidance and oversight.

One of the biggest challenges with agile change programs is achieving lasting change - training is only part of the solution.

Highly interactive training.

Please see my list of upcoming public classes, or contact me for a quote for private training courses.

Agile is a journey to continuously get better; it is not a point at which you arrive and you are done.

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